After several years of great music lying dormant, Bobby Barth (LEAD SINGER AND GUITARIST FOR BLACKFOOT/and Original Founder of AXE), with the help of friends including Bob Harris, have decided that the time is right to bring AXE back to the stage, and have accepted an offer to perform at this year’s Sweden Rock Festival to coincide with Cleopatra Records releasing a box set of previous AXE releases in the spring of 2012.

Previously known as Babyface with a line-up of vocalist Edgar Riley, guitarist Bobby Barth, bassist Mike Turpin, and drummer Teddy Mueller, the group adopted the new title of Axe in 1979 when the band added second guitarist Michael Osborne. Signing with major label MCA Records, Axe released their self-titled debut in 1979 and immediately gained attention with a melodic Rock sound comprising heavy guitars mixed with keyboards.

The band was notable for being photographed on their first LP all sporting B. C. Rich Guitars, one of the first bands to use them exclusively.

Following “Axe”, with 1980's “Living On The Edge”, the group switched labels to Atco in 1982 for their third album, “Offering”, an album that included the hit anthem “Rock n' Roll Party In The Streets”, which became the 63rd most played song of 1982, with “Offering” charting at #75 on the Billboard Charts.

The album marked the addition of new bassist Wayne Haner to the ranks and AXE got to tour with the likes of the Scorpions, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, and ZZ Top. The band also played in Britain during 1983 opening for Iron Maiden.

Following the arrival of the band's fourth album “Nemesis” and touring with Mötley Crüe in 1984, AXE were dealt a fatal blow when guitarist Michael Osborne was killed in an auto crash in which a badly injured Bobby Barth was lucky enough to escape with his life. The band, however, promptly dissolved following the tragedy.

Barth, once recovered, joined Blackfoot, replacing the seasoned Ken Hensley for the 1984 album “Vertical Smiles” and subsequent touring. The tenure was short lived however and Barth subsequently released a well crafted solo album “Two Hearts, One Beat” on Atco Records in 1986.

An attempt in 1989 at reforming AXE, including UFO drummer Andy Parker, was made but petered out, with Barth going to Australia in order to work with ex-Rose Tattoo frontman Angry Anderson.

Due to Barth's connections with the Japanese label Zero and German company MTM Music Bobby felt there was sufficient interest in AXE to make a renewed effort to put the group back together, albeit with a slightly revised line-up, and the release of a brand new album, aptly titled “Five”.

The reformed 1997 line up was former Frank Zappa vocalist Bob Harris, Barth on guitars, Edgar Riley Jr on keyboards, and original drummer Teddy Mueller, plus bassist Blake Eberhard. Blake is one of Colorado 's premier studio and live bassists. He joined Axe after being hired by Barth for several recording sessions, and added the new dimension of fretless bass and slap-bass style to the Axe sound.

A brand new AXE album, “Axe (Twenty Years From Home)” was released in September 1997 featuring re-recorded versions of choice tracks from each of the first four AXE albums, plus two from the recently released “V” record. For their 2000 album, “The Crown”, the group inducted new personnel, guitarist Danny Masters, and drummer Christian Teele.

AXE would release a limited edition mini album “Live In America 1981” to commemorate their European 2001 tour dates.

During 2003 Bob Harris re-emerged fronting the Edge of Forever project, an eighties Rock styled venture in union with keyboard player Alessandro Del Vecchio, bassist Christian Grillo and the Sleek, Gotthard and U.D.O. credited guitarist Igor Gianola. In 2004, Barth rejoined Blackfoot, and performed with them till medical problems forced him to leave in 2010. Now feeling better than ever, Bobby has decided to return home to the band he founded to continue the legacy.






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