Booking Your Entertainment

Step By Step Guide: 


  1. Go over the details of your event, your entertainment needs and budget.
  2. Prepare a list of artist within your budget and wish-list.
  3. Check the availability of the Artists that you have chosen.
  4. Write up an offer specifically tailored to your event.
  5.  Present offer to Artist's Agent and negotiate in your favor.
  6. Upon the acceptance of your offer; the Artist contract and rider will be adjusted to fit the specifications of your event and the Artist needs.
  7. The final negotiated contract will sent to you for your review, approval, and signature.
  8. Assist in carrying out contractual agreements of the Event, Artist and Agent.
  9.  Provide Artist Media Promo Kit such as artist photos, bio and approved media for your event.
  10. Our Agency will then be a conduit every step of the way to ensure that your agreement with the artist and your event will be fulfilled.


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