Gennifer Flowers Biography:

Ms. Gennifer Flowers has been singing and making records since she was eleven years old.  Her first recording on the United Southern Artist label, "There Oughta' Be A Law" was a huge success and led to another record and many years of performance.

She is a best selling Author having written her first book in l995, "Passion and Betrayal" published by Emery-Dalton.
Gennifer enjoys many aspects of the entertainment world and has developed a fun and exciting speech that deals with women going through the change of life and a speech that details what it feels like being in the eye of a political hurricane and scandal.

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Gennifer Flowers Performance History
 Gennifer Flowers Kelsto Club - New Orleans
 The Royal Palm - New Orleans
 Broussards Restauraunt - New Orleans
 Catalina Room - New York
 Barracuda Club - New York
 Frontier Hotel and Casino -  Las Vegas
 Desert Inn - Las Vegas
 Horseshoe Hotel and Casino Promotional Party - Shreveport, LA
 Fairmont Hotel - Dallas
 The Cipango Club - Dallas, TX.


Gennifer Flowers Promotional Video
Las Vegas Performances

Gennifer Flowers
Hallelujah Girls

Gennifer Flowers
Oprah's "Where Are They Now" show March 2014

Television and Film  
The ESPN Classic Road Show Super Bowl Special - ESPN/VH1 The Frank Skinner Christmas Special -BBC1-London
Kenny Live - RTE, Dublin Stirpe Real -RT1- Milan
Thursday Night Live - Carlton TV, London The Thomas Totchik Show- Munich
De tu a tu - Madrid Teleart Canal 9 - Buenos Aires
Roseanne - ABC Television USA The Jackie Mason Radio Show - UK
Play It To The Bone Full length motion picture Good Morning America - USA
CBS This Morning - USA The Today Show - USA
Extra TV - USA and International Entertainment Tonight - USA and Intertanional
Inside Edition - USA and Intertanional CNN - USA and International
FOX News, USA and Intertanional MSNBC, USA and International
Larry King Live (3 appearances) USA & International  A Current Affair - USA and Interantional
E Entertainment - USA and International Politically Incorrect
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Year End Special Geraldo ( 5 appearances)
 Playboy Channel  

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