Professional Representation

615 Entertainment Agency was created specifically to service named entertainers and upcoming artists who have new label deals, genre tribute artists and the best cover band entertainment.

These artists have specific needs and requirements that differ from everyday artists and bands. While our acts are also highly skilled musicians and entertainers, their target market is somewhat different than that of everyday local entertainers.

Our clients come to 615 Entertainment Agency to book acts that have a proven track record and familiarity with their intended audiences. Our acts are able to, and in fact are expected to draw substantial crowds the first time into a new market performing. This is unheard of for local acts.
As a nationally known recording artist there are several reasons to enjoy the benefits of professional representation from our agency:

Business Dealings and Contractual Agreements.

As a top performing act you need to focus foremost on your performance and not attending to such issues as deposits, rider fulfillment and payments. In fact, it reflects poorly on an act when a band member is the point of contact addressing these issues. You rely on an agency the same way you rely on legal representation when you have legal matter.

615 Entertainment Agency is very experienced with all potential issues pertaining to performance contracts. While not attorneys ourselves, we do retain legal counsel to resolve such matters on the very rare occasions they may occur. If there’s ever a dispute with a venue or client it is 615 Entertainment Agency's job to resolve these issues in a professional manner, relying on our years of experience, so the performers don’t have to.

Securing Bookings

615 Entertainment Agency has the staff and resources to solicit hundreds of festivals, casino's, large and small venue's, fairs, corporate events, and similar relevant avenues for performance opportunities.

Fair Compensation

It is an undisputable fact that an agency has a better chance of reaching talent buyers and negotiating mutually beneficial compensation than individuals could directly.

615 Entertainment Agency has long-established relationships with talent buyers across the United States and in various international markets.

Our agency usually has a general idea of how much venues will pay for an act and will always try to secure that price, based on the entertainers track record of past successes. Some venues will "work" a naive band into accepting a fraction of what they’re actually willing to pay for the act’s performance.

Working with so many acts gives us leverage with the buyers we regularly work with. We are artist advocates and don’t back down from bullies. After we receive an offer for a performance we always present it and let our artist decide if the offer is acceptable before we secure any bookings. This includes performance fees, hospitality, travel and lodging in many cases, which the agency doesn’t benefit directly from but being an agency by and for artists, we care about these details in a way few others do.

Show Organization and Special Requirements

615 Entertainment Agency also offers auxiliary support  to clients, attending to show needs such as sound, lighting, staging, sound & stage crew, and tour/production management. While these items are usually reserved for large corporate events, it’s often imperative to have these for a proper production at any scale.  615 Entertainment Agency always works in conjunction with the artist and venue to ensure that adequate production and backline requirements are met by the client.

Room for Everyone

All entertainers seeking more engagements can benefit from working with 615 Entertainment Agency. You are always welcome and we encourage you to be a part of 615 Entertainment Agency and our growing client list. 

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